Movies For Your Monday - Erik Fedko, Vinny Armstrong, Talus Turk, Robbie Maddison, & More

Apr 8, 2024
by Scott Secco  
Vinny Armstrong - Shimmer: Vinny Armstrong is a trailblazer in women’s freeride. With a career dedicated to pushing boundaries, she's mastered the art of massive whips while always prioritizing style and fun. Fresh off her Crankworx Rotorua Whip-Off win, Vinny is now undefeated in her last five starts. "Shimmer" embodies Vinny’s approach to riding - whether she's cracking massive whips between the tape or driving a van across BC with friends to riding spots, she lives for the rad times that biking brings along the way. Last summer brought Vinny to BC, where she caught up with filmmaker Liam Morgan in Kamloops and Coast Gravity Bike Park, showcasing the epitome of Canadian summer: road trips, endless biking, and quality time with mates. Rider: Vinny Armstrong. Video: Liam Morgan.

Dillon Butcher & Alex Volokhov - A Road Trip To The Greats Of BC: This motion poetry is a tribute to the iconic freeride spots and heroes of British Columbia. From the deepest forest of Nanaimo to the driest lines of Kamloops, Dillon Butcher, and Alex Volokhov played a unique tribute to the legends that inspired them back in the day. Immerse yourself in a road trip across some of the most iconic spots, where pioneers created the sport we all love now. The new wave of freeride is taking over, bringing more creativity, more ease, and commitment to the original features. Alex and Dillon couldn’t give a better testimony than riding these lines with such insane style. The future is bright, this is mountain biking in its purest form. Riders: Dillon Butcher, Alex Volokhov. Video: Pierre Henni.

Johny Salido & Talus Turk - Utah Archives: Last April, Talus and I went to the desert to have fun and push each other. The mission was a complete success and, with the support from Transition Bikes and Marzocchi, we managed to put together this piece of art where we show what riding is for us. Enjoy.

Title Athletes At Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle 2024: While Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle didn't go to plan this year, the practice sessions were still filled with some incredibly high levels of riding from both the male and female athletes. Enjoy this highlight reel of our riders showcasing what we have to look forward to at future slopestyle competitions. Riders: Erik Fedko, Ben Thompson, Paul Couderc, Haz, Natasha Miller, Griffin Paulson, Chance Moore, Max Fredriksson, Lucas Huppert, and Max Langille. Video: Joshua Failla.

Colby Pringle - When It All Comes Together: When you drop into your favourite trail, do you think about the intricate design details of your carbon wheels and how they affect your ride? Maybe. Or maybe you simply think about how much fun you’re having on your bike and what’s coming at you next. What if you could flip a switch between these two states of mind while you’re in full-gas descent mode? Watch Race Face athlete Colby Pringle demonstrate how both these sides come together on the trail.

Underexposed - Costa Rica: Underexposed is a self-shot and produced series by Pivot Cycles athlete Brice Shirbach dedicated to showcasing trail advocacy and stewardship while exploring a variety of trails in a variety of places. Join Brice as he explores the personal motivations behind the effort that goes into mountain bike advocacy while sampling the trails they work so hard for. Costa Rica might be small, but it already boasts some legitimately world class trails as mountain biking continues to raise eyebrows and gain momentum in this Central American paradise.

Isnae Pish - Golfin': A weekend tackling some technical golf in the Scottish borders.

13 Laps: The essence of riding an e-bike lies in the ability to increase the repeatability of descents. With effortless climbs to the peak, cyclists can focus on perfecting their technique and fully immerse themselves in the most enjoyable part of the sport: downhill riding. Rider: Andrzej Osuchowski. Video: Mikołaj Walczewski.

2Guys1Trail: Premier épisode de 2Guys1Trail: avec Thomas Greffioz en VTT et Pol-lou Naudon en ski.

Høgevarde - Just Ride: Myself and Kieran test a new section of trail in the late Norwegian autumn. It was -2°. Two days later we had 30cm of snow.

Dennis Enarson - Raven: This is Dennis' first solo project for Odyssey and by now, you already know he does not disappoint. Addicted to the rush, the man is incapable of not going all out. Filmed over the course of eight months between San Diego and Los Angeles, 'Raven' features wild spots along with the moves/stunts to back it all up. Also, congrats to the Enarson's on the recent birth of their newborn daughter, Raven (who this video is named after). Video: Zach Krejmas.

Corey Walsh - Riding The World's Biggest Bowl: Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse into the wild adventure Corey Walsh, John Glassett, and Rob Dolecki took to an insane-looking 30-foot-tall concrete-shaped cup perched on a remote cliff facing the Pacific Ocean deep in Mexico. This wild spot ended up on the cover of DIG Issue 2023, released this past winter.

Culture 003 - A BMX Roadtrip: Peep what it's like to be on the road for a few days in the Jones Soda rig with a good crew. From the clubhouse to the Organized Crime Jam in Vegas and all the way onto Woodward in Tahoe, everything from jams to riding in the snow to demos at some top secret facilities. Featuring: Preston Okert, Pat Freyne, Brenden Tombow, Richard Poor Homie Rich Hernandez, and Devon Smillie, with guest appearances by Max Vu, James Contreras, Cody High Desert Nemeth, Trevor Sigloch, Matt Closson, & Eddie Cuellar. Video: Preston Okert & Steve Croteau.

Cocona Hiraki - Monster Energy Skateboarding: From a silver medalist on the World Stage to an XGames Gold medalist, this 15-year-old is really the REAL deal.

Who Are The Skaters Resurrecting Rock Climbing In Upper Manhattan?: We took a trip to Washington Heights, AKA the Little Dominican Republic, to meet up with Joel Popoteur, Supreme employee and long-time skater, to check out the Dominican-inspired movement he calls “Dominguez Corporation,” a community that hikes, skates, and rock climbs together. Video: Greg Navarro.

Anthony Van Engelen Retrospective: To mark the celebration of AVE's newest signature shoe with VANS, we created a retrospective video of AVE's skating over the past 19 years with the brand. Featuring footage from Greg Hunt, Cody Green, Benny Maglinao, Jared Sherbert, Jonathan Flechas & William Strobeck. Editor: Benny Maglinao.

Homeruns By Markus Eder: What an awesome winter we've had at home so far! It has been snowing a lot and I'm glad Alex Meliss and I found the time to film some of our classic runs in between travels. Hope you'll enjoy what we've put together. Video: Alex Meliss.

The Traditionalist - Chapter Three: In this new 3-part series from acclaimed filmmaker Andrea Cossu, we follow Jacopo as he travels from Europe, to America and the UK to gain a deeper understanding of trad-climbing as an art-form, its diverse community, culture, ethics, and history - exploring what ‘hard-trad’ actually means and whether, when push comes to shove, the grades actually matter. Last but not least, we’re back in mainland Europe, where it all began for Jacopo. He takes us to some of his favourite spots and we get to follow along as Jacopo repeats some of the area’s hardest routes, some new first ascents, and some hard retro-trad. Summing up his experiences across all three chapters, Jacopo gives his perspective on the bright future for European Trad Climbing and what it means to him.

Robbie Madison's Air.Craft: Filmed in a military service airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona this short film showcases Robbie's legendary freestyle motocross skills. From step-ups to airborne shipping containers to backflips over planes, Air.Craft features never before seen stunts.

Far Out East - The Teachings of Taro: When planning a trip to Hokkaido, we felt it essential to acknowledge and pay our respects to one of the great legends of the island, Taro Tamai. Taro’s highly regarded as a master craftsman, yet that’s only a small part of his story. As the founder of Gentemstick (an industry leading craft snowboard company), his unique approach to life is an inspiration to many throughout the world. He’s a modern day poet - a rambling soul whose life transitions between sea level and 1000+m elevation with ease. Taro’s life philosophy, of being at one with, and taking inspiration from, nature has solidified his place as a significant elder in the realms of surf and snow. His take on the creative process has long inspired us - and it was a rare honour that we were able to sit down and get to know him on our journey Far Out East. This project is the culmination of that experience - Far Out East: The teachings of Taro. A film by Finlay Woods.


Photo: Bartek Wolinski

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 not a fan of street bmx, but if it's dennis totally watched the whole thing. dude goes big or nothing
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 New season of Race Tapes launched on Red Bull TV today
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 2GUYS1TRAIL is an intresting name choice... if you know you know.
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 Raven for video of the year
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