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   :: from stiksandstonesApr 30, 2002
Cyclist Dies at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Cyclist Dies at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park
On Sunday afternoon, April 28, a mountain bike fatality occurred in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. A Caucasian male in his mid-40's was found by park visitors. He had been riding alone, was not carrying any ID, and did not leave a car in the parking lot. Paramedics attempted to assist him, however, it was too late. At this time, he is still unidentified. If you know anyone who may have been riding in the park on Sunday and who is now missing, please help us!
Contact Larry Sweet, Park Ranger, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park at 949.494.9352 or
   :: from Mike BlarowskiApr 29, 2002
Summer Pass Sale! Summer Pass Sale!
With Canada Olympic Park's Mountain Bike season kickoff just around the corner, here is your chance to pick up your Summer Mountain Bike Pass. Individual
season passes are only $59 and $119 will buy one for your entire family. For more info see the Official Media Advisory or check out
the Canada
Olympic Park - Mountain Bike Information Page
   :: from Lars TribusApr 28, 2002
Lars Goes to Hollywood -- Sort Of! Lars Goes to Hollywood -- Sort Of!
Last week I am on my way to race my BBR at Bud's Creek Motocross Park in Maryland and I get a really cool message on my phone. "Lars, we found out about you and we are interested in having you be a stunt double for a music video." So I thought to myself, "that kinda sucks. That means I might have to get PAID to ride my bike." Life is tough.
   :: from mentalApr 26, 2002
OLN Poll - More Cycling OLN Poll - More Cycling
Once again, here's an opportunity to make yourself heard. Outdoor Life Network's Adventure Center news program debuts in June and they're looking for your input. Cast your vote for cycling in the daily poll found here to see more cycling coverage.
   :: from johnnyroxApr 25, 2002
Summit Rides Shuttles and Tours - Rossland BC Summit Rides Shuttles and Tours - Rossland BC
Located in Rossland BC, Summit Rides offers trail riding enthusiasts with comfortable and convenient access to the areas vast and diverse terrain. Summit offers full day, half day and customized mountain bike tours suitable for all skill levels from a leisurely family ride to some hard core downhill and freeriding. Dogs are welcome as well. Presently we use an ultra comfy 1997 Suburban 4x4 to access over 15 trails, many upwards of 3000 vertical ft. Our goal is to provide every rider a epic mountain bike experience while taking in some of Rossland's charm.
   :: from Revolution Sport SupplyApr 24, 2002
Millennium Park Closed to Bicycles? Millennium Park Closed to Bicycles?
It has been brought to our attention that some of Calgary's elected officials feel they can ban bicycles from Millennium park with little public outcry. Get everyone you know including riders, parents, and shop folks to write a letter to their alderman and the alderman of Ward 8 (Madeleine King). Let them know you support the park as a multiuse facility. Check out the link here for info on aldermen as well as a map of the wards in the city. Like the trails, there is no reason we can't just get along. There's plenty of park for all of us.


   :: from GlobalApr 24, 2002
Want to be a Part of the Global Team? Want to be a Part of the Global Team?
Global Racing is giving you the opportunity to join the team as a Local Support Crew member for just one race, where you will get to experience the behind scenes operation of the World's number one downhill team. You will have specific duties within the team, allowing you the opportunity to work with the athletes, mechanics, and management staff, as well as join the team for the less public moments such as reviewing training sessions, discussing race plans and relaxing at the team dinner. We will also rely on you for some of your local knowledge if the team has any issues that require a local person's knowledge.

   :: from PinkbikeApr 23, 2002
Megla Lounge Party Megla Lounge Party

Ladies and Gentleman, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!! Clear your calendars and prepare to start the summer season with a bang. The MEGLA-LOUNGE party will help you kick your own ass! Come join the Pinkbike crew at a rockin’ lounge party with funky DJ’s, foxy babes, and plenty of ice cold cheap beer. Stay posted on for more details.

Preliminary details:

Date: June 1, 2002 (Following the DH6 Race at COP)

Place: TBA (NW Calgary, Ultra Chill locale)

Check back for details

Menu: Kegs O’ Beer, Fully Stacked Bar, cheap, cheap, cheap.

Music: Local DJ’s flowin’ the smooth beats.

Dress to chill

   :: from Michael RowellApr 23, 2002
Pedro's-Harpoon MTB Adventure Series Rides Pedro's-Harpoon MTB Adventure Series Rides
The New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA) would like to announce
the season kickoff of the Pedro's-Harpoon MTB Adventure Series Rides. This
season's opening event is May 5th at Lynn Woods Reservation in Lynn, MA.
Proceeds from this charity event will be directly used to help create a Land
Preservation Fund to try to save the "Vietnam" trails.
   :: from StikmanApr 23, 2002
2002 Mountain Cross and NORBA 2002 Mountain Cross and NORBA announced today that NORBA and GaleForce will be putting on a National Mountain Cross Championship series for 2002. The season opener in Big Bear looks to be the final Dual Slalom in an NCS series. NCS#2 in Wisconsin will open the Mountain Cross series and in a season where every race's results count, this should be a hard fought discipline. Let's hope local promoters step up and build the courses required for the 4X event!
   :: from mentalApr 23, 2002
2002 Racing News 2002 Racing News
Katja Repo announced her retirement this week after a failing to find a suitable sponsor for the 2002 season. The former GT downhiller had her first World Cup win last season and wanted to thank the following; "Rock Shox (all of you), Smith, Maxxis (Lluis Marias) and Giro. Special thanks to my mechanic Andy Kyffin, trainer Vesa Mattila and psychic trainer Ahti Vilpas. I also want to thank Steve Peat, Fabien Barel and Matti Lehikoinen. You helped me when I needed some encouragement in jumping. You also helped me to see better lines and go faster. I wish all of you many wins and healthy season. I am going to miss all of you and the race circuit."
   :: from ShralpApr 23, 2002
Stephen Wilde Photography Exhibit Stephen Wilde Photography Exhibit
Calgary-based action photographer Stephen Wilde is staging his first ever solo exhibit at the Cube Gallery, 1520 17th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta. The meta-retro begins at 7:00pm Thursday, 25, April 2002.

Wilde has been documenting adventure mountain-biking for such magazines as BIKE, MOUNTAIN BIKE, BLUE, OUTSIDE, and BICYCLING. The inveterate roughrider's most recent assignment for BIKE Magazine and numerous European publications took him to the powder keg cradle of history known as Israel. [read press release]
   :: from Russ DayApr 22, 2002
Get off the couch - Part 3 Get off the couch - Part 3
"Rippin' it up, that's what we're all about!" proclaimed Dancin'
Eddy, addressing the gaggle of Pinkbike riders gearing up in the
parking lot, and turning to me without pause, "Now you are too!"

Just moments ago, we snaked our way up the windy asphalt road in
our vehicles that leads to the ski runs on Mt. Seymour. We stopped
short though, at the picnic area parking lot that mountain bikers
who come hear use as a staging zone to prepare for the descent down
Seymour's various offerings.
   :: from yodobikeApr 19, 2002
Dealer Reps Wanted Dealer Reps Wanted
Here is your chance!

Yodo Distribution Inc. is actively seeking representation for ATC Racing, Atomic Laboratories, Casel Equi, Chumba Wumba, Gravity Racing Components, Mountain Cycle, Rotec Cycles and Sombrio in the Province of Quebec.

The candidate must have experience in the bicycle industry as well as excellent organisational skills, be autonomous and have comprehensive knowledge of the hardcore biking scene.

Candidates must be bilingual.

Send applications to
   :: from Redline ProductionsApr 18, 2002
Canada Day Festivities -- Golden BC Canada Day Festivities -- Golden BC
Redline Productions Canada Ltd (not the bike company!) is hosting a three day music festival on Canada Day long weekend in the Golden, BC area - combined with freestyle motocross/bmx/mountain bike rhythm jumps/big air and skateboarding. the sporting events are non-sanctioned comps but organized and MC'd with cash and product prizes. The focus is on fun! Check out our website for more info and pre-flyer info. Call toll free 1.866.767.7830 or 403.760.5838.
   :: from cmass@suite101.comApr 17, 2002
Earth Day Critical Mass Earth Day Critical Mass
On April 20th, 2002, there will be a special EarthDay Critical Mass in celebration of you, your bike, Spring, your fellow cyclists and your environment! Join a pack and ride in safety along with motorists and other wheel types. Skateboarders, Inline Skaters,
Wheelchair riders, Kids, Clowns and Dinosaurs - all are welcome! Share the road with pride and in peace and demonstrate to motorists what they're missing - a whole lotta fun.

   :: from ShralpApr 16, 2002
Wanted: Female Caregiver Wanted: Female Caregiver
My friends, the father of, Radek Burkat needs your help now more than ever!! Radek has once again been summoned by the big scalpula in order to fix his leg which was originally broken in November. We are currently seeking a female caregiver to help nurture Radek back to health once he returns home from his surgery! If you feel like helping Radek out, please encourage your sisters, daughters, girlfriends any nurturing female you might know to apply for this is for the greater good of His roomate can hardly open a box of Kraft dinner without an instruction manual, never mind caring for a broken Radek! Please submit applications to
   :: from Rod LelandApr 13, 2002
Sinister Bikes Hardtails Sinister Bikes Hardtails
Looking through the Photos Section on Pinkbike, you see a lot of really nice bikes, and a whole lot more hardtails recently. What happens when you want your own bike to fit your riding style?? You get one made.

"We built this frame to fit the type of trails we ride and style of riding we like to do."

Sinister Bikes, is a rider owned and operated company, which came to life in December 2000. The company was started when two prototype frames were bought from Storm Racing Cycles. "We really liked the frames, but thought they needed some changes to fit the type of riding we were doing here on the East Coast."

   :: from Jeff CarterApr 11, 2002
CastleRock BSX Final Weekend CastleRock BSX Final Weekend
The final event in the CastleRock BSX race series is scheduled to run on the weekend of April 13/14.

Saturday will feature a beer festival starting at 1pm. Ten beers from ten countries, with more available for-sale if you're not tanked after 10. There will be some fun activities such as; Toss the Bike, Tricycle race, Bicycle Gymkana, Bike Limbo etc.

Sunday: BSX racing from 10am run in a similar format to previous events. $35 for the weekend including beer (soft-drink if you're under 1Cool and BSX entry. If you could only make it to one event in the series, this is the one to be at.

Rumours are circulating that there will be a match up between current US national champ John Kirkcaldie and longtime rival New Zealander Glenn Sisarich.
   :: from Joyride ProductionsApr 9, 2002
Joyride Biker-X   Whistler BC Joyride Biker-X Whistler BC
Presented by the World Freeride Federation, Joyride Bikercross is back and ready to once again take mountain bike competition to another level.

This year, the main event will feature the World's top competitors going head to head down a track littered with obstacles. Infested with big berms, hip jumps, gap jumps, rhythm jumps and tabletops, the track has all of the ingredients for hot spectating action.

"Track design is key to Joyride Bikercross," says Chris Winter, Joyride's President. "We want to showcase what is possible on a mountain bike these days. Riders are capable of so much more than what we see in current comp formats. Bigger jumps and flow are key elements for 2002."

   :: from Radek BurkatApr 8, 2002
IDUN helmet contest IDUN helmet contest
Thanks to all the people from around the World who entered the contest. And when I say around the World I mean it. Really cool to see all the different people checking out Pinkbike.
I was going to pull one name but I decided to draw three names at random.

The FIRST person out of these three to email me from the email address you entered on your contest form, WINS!

Alexandre Pouliot - Granby, Quebec, Canada

Olga Levin - Moscow, Russian Federation

Jason Hansen - Mill Creek, WA, USA

I'll let ya know who got it tomorrow. (Oh yeah, If I don't get an email from these 3 in the next 24 hours, I'll draw 3 more)
   :: from Shawn SpomerApr 8, 2002
164productions New Photos/Videos 164productions New Photos/Videos
Just a heads up on the Colorado scene. Alpha Project, Dirtjumping, Downhilling, Vail Worlds, Moab Freeriding...the works. Check out to get the goods.
   :: from Radek BurkatApr 8, 2002
Winner of the Porn King Winner of the Porn King
The winner of the Porn King frame from the Pinkbike booth draw, at the Outdoor Show is Peter Straight. Lucky guy. Hope you enjoy the new ride.
   :: from Peter Stace-SmithApr 8, 2002
Norco to Distribute Haro in Canada Norco to Distribute Haro in Canada
Haro Bicycles and Norco Products announced Friday that they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Canadian market. Under terms of the agreement Norco will become the exclusive distributor of the Haro Bicycle product line throughout Canada for the 2003 model year and beyond. Norco will also be responsible for sales and customer service. Prior to this agreement, Haro was distributed in Canada by Genesis Cycles.

“We’ve been successful in growing the Haro brand worldwide by working with professional, top-notch distributors.” said Jim Ford, President of Haro Bicycle Corp. “We are impressed with Norco’s team and their dealer channels and believe that, through them, we can better provide our Canadian customers the support they need to grow with us.”
   :: from bisbingApr 8, 2002
Bike Video Night - presented by Bike Video Night - presented by
Tuesday April 9th

Filthy Mcnasty's - 10511-82 ave(2nd floor),Edmonton, AB.

Movies start at 8:30

If it goes well we'll get the shops more involved and get door draws and more stuff going. For now, just come chill, drink some cheap booze, watch videos and meet some new kids to ride with. See you all there!

   :: from Rod LelandApr 7, 2002
Outdoor Adventure Show Done! Outdoor Adventure Show Done!
Everything is wrapped up over at the Roundup Center, and what an awesome time it was! Thanks to Coors Light and Arriba for sponsoring the event, and thanks to all the exhibitors and visitors! Now, we have a few winners to announce. First off, congrats to Peter Straight for winning the 24 Bikes Pornking frame. Congrats also to the winners of the Rockies Challenge! What a crazy comp it turned out to be!
Here are the Results:

Junior Men:
1st: Lance Hamilton
2nd: David Friesen
3rd: Jason Woods

Senior Men:
1st: John Stewart
2nd: Sobe Rock
3rd: John Teghtmeyer

Take a look at some of the Pictures from the show!

   :: from Rod LelandApr 6, 2002
Day Two Complete at Bike Expo! Day Two Complete at Bike Expo!
Day two of the Coors Light Outdoor Adventure Sports Show is done up, and we have a winner of the .243 racing frame. . .Congrats to Marc Fortin of Calgary for winning the frame. We'll be giving the Pornking away tomorrow. A crazy day of racing went down today in the Arriba Bike Zone. Lots of carnage, lots of insane passes, and a super good time. Krazy-K took a pretty hard bail today over the step-up, get well soon! Check out the finals of the Rockies Challenge tomorrow. . .see you at 10!
   :: from duNGorApr 6, 2002
Team Party -Tonight Team Party -Tonight
After returning from their 3 month Testicular Adrenaline tour of southeast central America, duNGor is looking forward to ripping it up at the pinkbike team fundraiser.

“Yeah it will be nice to play for people who have heard of punk music. They kept requesting songs from some Latino chick named J’Lo or something like…I don’t know who the hell that is. And not have to eat our cereal with tequila… And not have to sleep under the car for a change..” said Ronnie dungor of the tour.

The dunGor cool bus broke down during the first week of the tour not far from Tegucigalpa. Not being fluent in Spanish, the band bought a slightly modified Pontiac low-rider. The only problem was that they did not realize that it had belonged to a gang ringleader The Los Cabos Amigos, who were mortal enemies with the El Diablo Tacquerias
   :: from Rod LelandApr 5, 2002
Day One Outdoor Show Done! Day One Outdoor Show Done!
With one day of competition done down at the roundup center, the Outdoor Adventure Show has been a huge success so far. The big air competition went down today with celebrities Daver, Richie Schley, Teddude, Preston Blackie and Punk Leland all out representin' huge. We all hope Preston is OK after a toboggan attempt gone very wrong, get well soon! Props to Tedman for pulling the sickest superman airwalk/fairytoes in dirt jumping history!
Come check out the craziness tomorrow and come say hi to us at the Pinkbike booth. The Prelims of the Rockies Challenge will happen tomorrow. . .Everything opens up tomorrow at 10. . .
   :: from Radek BurkatApr 5, 2002
Pinkbike frame draw!! Pinkbike frame draw!!
The Calgary Outdoor Adventure Sports Show starts today and runs through the weekend. Pinkbike will be there, so come by the booth and say hi.

You can pick up any of the Pinkbike shirts, hoodies, videos, at SALE prices. Also available new products like Pinkbike hats, PinkBike stickers and new girl T-Shirts.

As well at the show there will be a draw you can enter to win 2 brand new kick ass frames!

- A draw for a new pink 24 Porn King frame
- A draw for a new .243 Racing 4130 hardtail frame
See you all there this weekend!

If you are attending don't forget to print out this $2 OFF ADMISSION COUPON courtesy of Pinkbike.
   :: from graylandApr 4, 2002
EA Sports to Make Freeride Game EA Sports to Make Freeride Game
EA Sports BIG has announced an upcoming Freeride game for the GameCube platform. The game, as yet unnamed, will feature skinnies, teeters, elevated platforms, drops, steeps, and urban action. Tentatively slated for an early 2003 release, the game will be character based with head to head racing and multiple bikes. All characters will be fictional (sorry Danger)and the soundtrack will feature voice and a custon music score. I know of at least one other game in development, but can't release details as of yet. How sweet would it be if the Cycle FX is compatible with the platform? Just think, it's -30 outside and you're still able to ride the Shore in the comfort of your own home!
   :: from Team PinkbikeApr 3, 2002
Team Pinkbike Party April 6! Team Pinkbike Party April 6!
Here's the deal folks. After taking in the action of the Calgary Outdoor
Adventure Show, join us at The Black Swan, 10455 Southport Road SW, on
Saturday April 6th for another Pinkbike party!
Get your tickets for only 5
bucks at the Pinkbike booth or at the door. All proceeds support Team
Pinkbike 2002. Present your ticket at the bar and get your first drink free.
Drink Specials all night- $2.50 high balls and $2.75 bottled beer. A ton
O'shwag to be given away, from sponsors like Bushido, Santa Cruz, and Calgary Cycle. At the same time we would like to welcome Yukon
to the city. They will be providing us with some of their fine Arctic
Red and Yukon Gold brewed in the Territory. The team has agreed to step up
and take a pie in the face from the highest bidder. Pie(s) auctioned as each
team member is introduced. Also it's rumored that dunGOr may set up and
rock the Swan. It's shaping up to be an awesome night. Be there!
   :: from mentalApr 3, 2002
Giove to Race Despite Post Concussion Syndrome Giove to Race Despite Post Concussion Syndrome
Velo News reported yesterday that Missy "The Missile" Giove has decided to race a full World Cup and Norba schedule for 2002 despite her doctor's orders. After suffering 3 concussions at last year's Worlds, Giove admits, "no one will clear me to race, my doctors said if you do choose to race, try to wait as long as possible, by skipping Sea Otter I gave myself another two months." In an effort to protect herself, Missy will keep a large stock of custom fitted helmets, and ride a little more conservatively. "Right now I'm riding beter than ever" During her career, she's won a record 13 NORBA downhill races, plus the last three overall titles. In World Cup racing she's second only to Anne-Caroline on the career-wins list with 11, and owns two overall titles.
   :: from Marshall RutmanApr 2, 2002
Race Face UFC Wrapup Vid Race Face UFC Wrapup Vid
Race Face, with the help of Bjorn Enga from Radical Films has put together this wrap up video from the Ultimate Freeride Challenge. It features commentary by Bjorn and Brett Tippie and some great video footage from the competition. It also features some footage from the presentation ceremony at the Sea Otter Classic. Congratulations to all of the finalists!Enjoy!
   :: from mentalApr 1, 2002
Manitou Sherman Lineup Details Manitou Sherman Lineup Details
Manitou is putting the finishing touches on their new for 2003 Sherman fork lineup. The Sherman will be available in 3 single crown models and 1 double crown. Built loosely around the new OnePointFiveStandard, all models sport 32mm stantions, an option of standard QR or Manitou's hex lock 20mm axle and the single crown versions feature "Rapid Travel II" adjustment with a simple flick of a switch (20mm increments). The Sherman lineup also shares Manitou's Reverse Arch casting, "Evil Genius" seals, and all are disc brake specific.

Spy Photos of OnePointFive Bikes and Forks
   :: from PinkbikeApr 1, 2002
Pinkbike and  NSMB closing doors Pinkbike and NSMB closing doors

April 1st, 2002, Vancouver, BC. - Original founders Cam McRae (NSMB) and Radek Burkat (Pinkbike) have decided to shift focus and leave the Mountain Bike Industry. In a shocking press conference it was announced that both will be leaving the companies in joint pursuit of more fruitful ventures in the foot wear industry. “What the World needs is something fresh, something new. Biking is just a fad and it will be gone in the next two years” said Cam positively to a group of reporters.


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